Tesla coming together

Well its finally happening, Telsa is coming together. Its been hard deciding certain things on this, but I just went with what was in my head. At first seeing the naked frame look so loud in the creme, I was scratching my head a bit, but as it gets assembled its starting to look like what I had imagineered a bit more.

The exhaust cleaned up. I mimicked a flowmaster 2 in 2 out baffle design inside, so basically, I have no idea what itll sound like. I hoping for glory here.

Multiple colors. scary stuff for me.

The exhaust heat shields are made from cast iron. I think Im treading on new ground here. Im going for decedent on this one. Neanderthal, Neo Victorian, Nemo, Rocketeer, in a bike form Nicola Tesla would have possibly built had he fancied a motobike.

In a week or so there will be pictures, filming, and a guest Stig rider will be flown in to flog her a bit, Thanks to Cafe Racer xxx. Yes, Im going to make a real video for Tesla's coming out. More on that soon.
Can anyone guess who? Comment to guess.

The Vtwin 600 Cafe racer is right behind Tesla, and will be featured shortly as well. Lots of new stuff coming.


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