Ducati 748 Fork adapted to a 750 MonsterDark

This project was done for a 1999 Ducati 750 Monster. The goal was to be able to bolt on a more modern 748 front end with better dampening & dual disc. The stem on the 748 setup is a huge diameter, & the 750 stem is a more traditional size.

This is where John from Draft Cycle Works was needed....a lot. He did his magic & made a thread in adapter for the bottom tree that the 750 stem pressed into. On the top, he made a beautiful spacer with an inverted step so the washer & bolt head would sit in flush. He like neat & tidy & is very good at it.

I removed the bit from the top tree that would mount a stabilizer on the 748, as it sticks out where the ignition switch is on the 750 Monster . The little bit remaining for the cinch bolt on center stem bolt will probably hit the ignition switch cover or body, so that will need a little tweek on the bike, as well as a nub welded onto the 750's neck to work with the 748 steering stops. Both are quick fixes, nothing else is really needed.

If anyone is interested in this service for your Ducati, or anything similar on other bikes, feel free to contact Myself or John for pricing & turn around. (roughly $400-500).

This setup is for the MotoLady Ducati Project.

I will add John's contact info here later, and a bit more info.

The 748 & 750 trees

The part with X I ned to remove, the remaining bit the thickness of my pinky will remain. This is what will make the ignition switch area on the 750 need a tweek, as the old 750 tree sits a billimeter from the ignition switch.

 The nice adapter Draft made for the the upper in place with bolt..

 A look at the pieces for adapting top tree.

 The remaining bit that protrudes past where the original 750 tree went (750 tree sitting on 748 tree in Pic)

 Adapter that has 750 Stem, pressed into it, & it threads into the lower tree, red loctite on threads.

In place as it would be.

Spacer added. See the nice lil step in John made?

Screw the bolt in. Here you see where I removed the stabilizer mount as well, cut, rounded, polished a hair to look a bit nicer.

Bam! Looks factory.