Freedom or Death Debauchery

 #3 The Horrible horrible gas tanks.....oh God, cover the childrens eyes.

OK, now I see Trents finally solved the mystery of the gas tanks, that went thru a lot. Ill recap for you, the public, since apparently its the cool thing to do. Please remember as you read this, at this point in the build, Trent had paid 850 for the donor bike, and managed to somehow get to me a few hundred dollars past that, & I had volunteered  to pony up the money needed to finish the bike, and do all the labor, and drive it down since Bandit or whoever Trent told me would do that bailed. Or as Trent like to put it, he gave me $4000, & $3000 in still dumbfounds me, but whateve's. (Trent gave $1300 total, tooootal the bike was 850 of it. OOOther people donated $1100 in parts. A lot from Elswick, Gab, & Dan mostly) all the rest came out of My Pocket.

The tanks I paid for, for Trents bike, $150 .

I dug them, he asked if I could slim them in the back, make them rounded in the front...oook, a few more hours, no huge deal. Welded in steel, you see this right, no warpage..... and yes, at this point leak tested.

Along the way Trent kept wanting bare metal , post apocalyptic looking stuff. I was pretty much again a bare metal frame, as itd be impossible to keep up with , he said things didnt rust in Texas and others had bare metal stuff. So I figured, ok, the tanks and fairing could go bare metal and brass. That way should they need up keep, lil WD40 once in a while would be easy. So I splurged, you know, some more of my money on a couple tubes of brass rod, refilled the Oxygen tank, with some more of my money & spend a few hours brazing all the seams excessively. They looked killer I thought, he'll go bananas. And yes, brazing them to death, I warped the crap out of them......a lot. Annnd yes, leak tested again. It been over a year, from what I gather the tanks have been on and off the bike. I had them mounted, not touching the motor. They sat close. When who ever, where ever remounted them, I have nooooo flippin idea if they paid attention to make sure they werent touching zee motor. Im guessing, probably not. But I dont know, maybe a spot that was welded, then brazed popped a leak.

Trent was on the fence, thought about it and said no, we will stick with black. And that way we can still the bible verse. Trents all religious ya know. He is a very caring person. I digress, soooo, I paid for some filler, and slathered the tanks and made them look beautiful. It only took 8 or 9 hours, my fault. Shoot my foot.

Then after buying some primer and hardener, and black urethane and hardener, I primed and blocked the tanks, heat lamped em, then prime and block agian, then put on a couple coats of single stage urethane. This is all after work by the way. Its cool, I like going home at 3am.

Then, I wetsanded the tanks down flat and over the next couple days, they got the words written on them, for the zero dollars. we had talked gold leaf, but as this was turning out to be Jeff loosing his ass to try to help somebody he really believed in at the time, I could only ask so much for free, so no gold leaf. (This would take days to do in gold leaf, just to make it clear, theres a few letters here)
Then they got some Clear that Trent paid for.....ahhhh! I kidd.

By the way, these are all pictures Id sent Trent as I worked on the bike/tanks. Im not sure what this huge thing is like they discovered a new planet or anything. These are old pictures. If you search this here blog there's prolly some here, or maybe even search Biker Metric, oh snap, I forgot everythings been removed, or twisted, or reworded a million times. Ya know, if you say something a millllllion times, it becomes truth.  Sorry, Im a tad bitter here friends. This is not my normal behavior, but after a year of saying nothing while being blamed for so much, Ive had it.

Stay turned for , why the handlebars sucked. All he's said for the last year is crooked handlebars, & bubbling paint on the gas tanks, so we will explore handlebar in the next, what ever this is. You know, youd think with how Trent takes pictures of everything, at some point, he would show us a picture of the bubbling paint. First thing he did was put a big ass sticker over that Saint name on the tank, saying it bubbled. Then more stickers, on the frame, the brass fender, I mean the bubbles must have been like contagious. I would have gone for some chrome door edge guard around Dans beautiful brass fender, buts that me. I mean, it would set off the stickers. 

AQnd another thing while Im hear. on my blog, that Trent cant change the words....since I paid for the tanks, made the tanks, painted the tanks, and you seem to really not like the tanks, why not just run them over? Or send them back to me, Ill run them over. I mean, What are you gonna do, redo them? You cant weld an area after its been brazed really. Sorry they rusted inside, most tanks do if left with no gas in them rust after time, or at least fog with WD40 if theyre gonna sit. Im justa sayin.

God I cant believe Im defending all this, its asinine. 

POST #2, the money honey

First, here is a little gem, where Trent ventures out into Forum land to beat his chest, it turns into comedy really fast, worth a read. Soooo good. I flipped when I saw how he started this, aimed at guys on a board that build their own stuff "this xs650 was built for under 10k.....pfffft! No kidding. Holy moly.
Heres the rough list I kept as I built the bike. There plenty not there that I bought as well, nickle dime stuff.

Youll see Trents name in bold on the right of what he paid for.
Anything else you see I paid for. From my Pocket, cause I believed in this Dbag back then.
In total, he sent me $1300, this includes the Donor bike.
So I, asshole Jeff threw in about $1900 of my own money to build trents bike. about 1100 in parts, and 600 for gas, since remember, Trents transport fell through, so I drove it down, 3200 miles and a few hundred for food,
No hotel, drove strait both way. I suppose if you counted to week I took off work, and my son took off, itd be a good chunk more, but that was my own poor choice.

On the bottom of the Parts sheet, there are people that kicked in parts.

Keep in mind I spent about 250 hours building das bike......for free.
my friend locally I asked to lace wheel, do graphics, machine stuff, all
fell for trents bs as well, hed advertise them for a year, etc etc.

Parts sheet

Parts bought so far




Front brake cable
Fork gators
Quart black urethane & hardener
Quart of urethane clear & hardener
2 3/8” exhaust tube
2” down tube & 1.5” back bone, .120 wall
1 tube brass rod
1 box 2” roloc disc
8 slap disc
15  cut off wheels small
2 cut off wheels large
#4 bottle mig gas
1/2” bar
3/8” bar
1/4” bar
22 gauge sheet, 3 peices
15 steel tabs
8 weld in bolt bungs
10 - ¼” NPT fittings brass
2 weld in ¼”  NPT bungs
2 brass petcocks
Avon tires, tubes, rim strips (Trent paid ½)
2- 21” rims                            (Trent Paid)
1930 Mazda light & bracket with shipping
Accufast Seat Pan
Tomoselli bars used
2 gas tanks
6 steel spacers
6 bronze bushings
Brass screws & nuts, copper rivets & washers
Grade 8 nuts & bolts

Additional page 2
Matt, draft  N/C
Matt, draft  N/C

 Pinstripe Chris  N/C



 Vacuum pump
Wheels laced ( woulda cost 250ish)
Tires mounted
Wire, connectors, shrink tube, etc
First battery
Second battery (Napa on way to TX)
Fuel line & clamps (Napa, on way to TX)
Second tube of brass brazing rods
Additional exhaust stuff
Machined front axle half & spacers/bushings (200ish?)
Pinstriping & lettering  ((200-300?)
Spray bomb enamels, flat, semi, gloss, etc.
Tube steel welding rod for rack
Steel spacers & bronze bushings (rear seat hinge)
Chain 530 Lowbrow Trent paid
Starter button
Key switch
Electrics box
Donor Bike Trent Paid

Total Parts & bike before part donations, approx.

430-Gas, 3200 miles , 200- food, stuff.
More bars, adapter bushings,new light lense, more fittings…to replace bars I did you weren’t happy with, and the glass lens that broke, an 7/8 to 1” shims

Jeff, Saint
250 plus….
Matt from Draft

25ish hours last two days , 5 hours lacing wheels prior,
John, emergency machine & fab on wheel & axle
saved $$$
Pinstripe Chris
10 hours making fairing after fairing pieces, more then one J, 4-5 on pinstripe & lettering.
Matt, working man customs
40hr.  on seat, plus what ever time in bike
Limey bikes
Carb rebuilds, plus what ever time  in bike
Elswick              $450ish
Tail, tank ,bars            parts
Gabe                 $250
Brass risers                parts
Rock                 $200ish  
Tag bracket & pegs   parts
Dan, 7metal west     $200ish
Fender sections         parts


It has turned into a whole new version of what, why, how much, etc,etc, & he's now pulishing a series of posts here , please read and follow.
Trents been bashing me for a year, Ive kept quite. Ive been dealing with many things the last year, and this was a waste of thought for me. Hed twisted thing so badly, from his own words, to his own words that it wasnt worth  responding to. Last corospodense I had with him, he brought my Son & my Father into it, I stopped right there and told him goodbye, but in different words perhaps.
Follow along on this adventure . Ill post links to each post Trent posts, so youll read his own words. Then Ill bitch back a bir with the why or how, and will include maybe even emails from Trent to me and visa versa that paint the appropriate picture.

Please click this. trents post on xs650 chopper in its original form, his words 
Trent cant edit this, since it on another site.

Below, is a page from Trents site, present day. It used to say all the cool stuff like the post above on xs650chopper, but its on his bloggy, so he tweeted it repeatidly. Now the dates and feeling arent even coherent on his own page.
Here is the page on his site Biker Metric. It started out with all my words given, and some of his added, showing a lot of the steps done to build the bike. He has since of course removed my words for the most part, and inserted insults, and generally leaving out me, Chris, and Matt who did the build. Saint Motorbikes, Pinstripe Chris, and Draft Cycle works. Chris did the lettering on tanks at no charge, John at Draft machined magic things to make the front axle jive with the forks, Matt laced the wheels, wired the bike, and keep me from killing myself the last few days of build. Oh, an Kyle, my sone that drove more then half of the 3200 miles to deliver the bike, at cost to me and him for gas. Lots o gas. This is from a good site, that Trent posted on . I leave the comments in tact as well.Read it all, notice dates on the posts involved, and in his words later down, the dates he states that dont jive with stuff on the same page, he's good like that.
Trent calls the exhaust here a Shinya knock off made from plumbing pipe. I was thinking more along the lines of lake pipe tipes like on lead sleds and he loved them. And yes, Shimya, a friend did install a car exhaust manifold looking deal on the rear of Spike. So sure, similarities are there I suppose. I could go on, but you judge.


Good day metric dudes and dudettes. Here is the lowdown on the FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE, my cheap-as-trailer-trash, raw and beautiful, steampunk flavored XS650 killer chopper.

First, I must give the proper respect to those who donated parts and labor to make the ForD happen. This metric XS650 chopper could not have been completed without them:

+  Working Man's Customs: Leather solo seat and tooling, tons of fab and mods.
+  Limeybikes: Mechanic extraordinaire, more fab and mods.
+  Elswick Cycles: Hardtail weld-on, faux oil tank/real secondary gas tank.
+  Rock's Chops: Footpegs, plate bracket/brake light.
+  7 Metal West: Huge brass ribbed fender.
+  After Hours Choppers: Brass risers.
+  Biltwell: Exhaust kit and tons of killer swag (from ChopCult, too) to give away for FREEDOM or DEATHMotorbike Bash.
+  Lick's: Distressed leather solo bag.
+  Fabricator Kevin: Seat hinge.
+  Bikernet: Beer money for FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE supporters and party goers.
+  Lowbrow Customs: Free party swag.
+  Independence Brewing: Beer sponsor for the Bash.

Thanks for everything, guys! You all rock!

FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE build in pictures:
or, How to Build a Custom Chopper Without a Frame Jig:
Beginning date: Monday, May 3, 2010

The hardtail is from Elswick Cycles. It came with weld-in slugs for lower tubes and center downtube, a spacer for rear axle adjuster to work with and meaty, attractive axle plates with adjusters. The tail has the bends in the right spot, kicking up early towards the rear axle and leaves nothing for you to do or fabricate. It even comes with instructions for exactly where to cut, how to center, and weld it on. It's an incredibly high-quality piece and we're thankful to Robert and Jamie for providing us with it.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time to install the Elswick tail for real.

Cleaned off the remains of old tube joints. Attached a large cut off wheel and a hard grinder disc, and then a flap disc to smooth over rough marks. Also used a small air grinder with 2" 3M Roloc discs.

Then bolted the motor back into the frame before welding on the tail to insure the motor mount areas stay as they should in relation to each other. Roll the assembly forward to slip in the new tail slugs.

Now get a few feet of wire or thin rope and feed it through the neck. Tie something to the end so it can be pulled on.

Some would say the frame is finished, but not on the FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE!

Let's see what the 21" wheels may look like on the rear:

This concludes today's installment of how to tear everything apart while somehow putting it back together. Not shown was How To Cut Your Finger Half Off with a Wheel of Death, or How to Break Your Huge Benchtop Vise, orHow To Purchase Enough Grinding Discs with Only One Trip to the Store.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Digging the Fab Kevin hinge. The tanks need a good whacking.


Monday, May 13, 2010

Notched the bottom of the tanks to get them down over the motor a bit so their tops would be more in line with the seat.

Made a new top tube that follows the contour of the tanks and dramatically drops the neck down from it's stock height. It looks great but damn, those tanks are too freaking wide.

We want the bike to be narrow, with flat tanks on the sides, but not boxy. There's an in between that these puppies don't allow for in their current iteration.

Not much left of the original stock frame.

My builder "guessed" that the machine will have about seven inches of trail, which will be fine for a light bike. I was hoping for six, but we wanted the FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE to be longer, therefore, a little more trail.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In the picture below you can see that the bars are far from even:

The downtube is a 2" .120" wall tube. Two pieces were whacked and a 1.75" slug was fabbed and mated for the top gooseneck and bottom kitten catcher. Reused the old Yamaha downtubes that used to curve up and curved them in to meet to kitten catcher bottom of the down tube. 
The seat is a pan from purchased from Accufast2d. Welded the studs on for FabKevin's hinge, then made and welded the tabs on for the monoshock. 

Rake was supposedly reduced before nailing the neck in place. If you notice, the front of the tanks, where they are cut and angle down, is the exact angle of the neck. Now to cut the bottom corner of the tanks like the top to be the exact same angle as the downtube.

The top of the tank flows into seat at exact same line. The front tank angles will match the neck's rake and the downtube.

Two weeks to finish it and get it on the road to Austin...


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dig those killer brass risers that Gabe from After Hours Choppers donated. Freaking slick.

Limeybikes took the carburetors and cleaned them up with his fancy-pantsed ultrasonic carb cleaner. Old is new again.

Four days to complete the bike for the FREEDOM or DEATH Motorbike Bash.

With nine days to go, here is the list created last night so it would be as I wanted:

rock's brake light lowered.
overnight seat pan to matt at working man.
call & email rock about pegs mailed. where are they?
call about lacing wheels & balance them.
drum brake covers speed drilled.
gold leaf wide on one side of each wheel.
paint spokes.
paint handlebars.
nothing shiny. paint and brush stuff on motor.
fuel site gauges.
scripture in white, please. gold leaf accents on scripture (to add dimension). or other way around (gold letters, white accents). all lower case letters and exact punctuation.yay.

This scripture:

The FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE is a message that says, "don't be a sucker. You can get an incredibly unique, 100% custom metric bobber or chopper for under ten grand."

Laced the wheels. Weren't the spokes supposed to be painted?

Matt from Working Man's Customs has taken my old flaming skull & crossbones design and did the line drawing. Over-nighting the pan to him. Matt will have Tuesday until Friday at noon, when the FREEDOM or DEATHMotorbike Bash starts, to finish the seat.

Gonna have a nice tab at the Dirty Dog and Matt will be drinking for free.

Woo hoo! Free beer!


Monday, June 7, 2010: Three days to get it to Texas!

Chris has done some work on the tanks. Not the gold leaf I was promised in March, this was done by Sharpies, but oh well. He got the tanks and had less than a day to do them up. Looks good from here.

Biltwell kit exhaust is made.

Plumbing elbows used for Shinya ripoff design exhaust ports. Excellent.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Three days after the bike arrived six hours into the Bash and just as it was ending here are pix taken at Matt's:

For the Bash we received boxes of swag from BikernetBiltwellChopCult and Lowbrow Customs. Tons of people got t-shirts, stickers, hats, books, bandannas, posters, and more. I gave Matt the huge Biltwell banner for his shop garage, and Limey got the Biltwell gold flake lid. It looks great on his head while he rides his yellow XS650/750 cafe, the Hornet.

Now, according to Matt, there are some major mods to make to the bike so he is finishing up.

Then Limey, who rebuilt the carburetors, will have it so he can make some hot rod adjustments, add air filters, make more mods so stuff like the brakes work, and generally tune the machine into the crazy beast she is.

I have to thank a lot of people and companies for helping make this custom metric chopper build happen and the first is Bandit of Bikernet. Although I'm no longer with his organization, he gave me a little spot on the web and pretty much let me roam wild within in it for seven months. I doubt the FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE would have happened had he not taken a chance on me. Thank you, Bandit.

Besides thanking Matt fromWorking Man's and Chris from Limeybikes, there is still so much to tell. From where I was six months ago and where I am today is a testament to their hard work and belief in me. Their help in creating this machine has renewed my faith in humankind, which I was giving up on. As recently as February, I was drunk every day, angry, and causing a lot of trouble at home and abroad. Through their efforts I am redeemed and I owe them more than words like gratitude can ever express. My personal logos has always been that of the beer-gargling, mad, misunderstood poet and it left me pretty lonely. Then I discovered Matt's beautiful art and leather work, shot him an email, met him for lunch, and miraculously convinced him to build me a $600 seat for a bike I didn't know how to build, with no money, and with nobody else involved. Regardless, I told him it would be done in four months and we'd have a huge party to unveil the machine. He believed me. We shook hands and he left to go home.

I immediately realized I was screwed.

I got drunk, woke up the next day around one o'clock, and jumped on the phone. The builder and others who donated parts bought my bullshit! I couldn't believe it. I promised them fame and fortune and they promised me a custom metric chopper.

I was really screwed now.

The next day the Saints won the Super Bowl. I cried and got drunk for ten more days.

For those of you who have been reading my mad missives since I started in November, you remember that I lived in New Orleans with the woman who inexplicably loves me and her then ten-year-old daughter, and we stayed home through Katrina. We escaped three days later and ended up in Austin. I haven't been back and keep tied to the Crescent City of life and death, of Christ and voodoo, through being a very big New Orleans Saints fan.

In September I bought New Orleans Saints sneakers, and everybody mocked me. But I had a feeling and told everybody about it. They laughed at the drunken bastard who roots for the perennial loser, but I was laughing at them.

After "Lombardi Gras" I got sober for the next 40 days (lent!), worked 100 hours each week to secure sponsors and freelance graphic design work so I could send the builder money to purchase the 1979 Yamaha XS650 that would be ripped apart to build the crazy creation you see here:

+  Crazy gooseneck frame with single downtube that ends in what we call the "kitten catcher" (CHECK)
+  Dual tanks that were flat, not round on the sides (CHECK)
+  A raw little headlamp cowl (CHECK)
+  21-inch, 36-spoke wheels with Avon Distanzias (CHECK)
+  Two-into-one exhaust (CHECK)
+  Black and gold (CHECK)

With those basic parameters, the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE was created. Now Matt and Limey are straightening out the crooked handlebars, fender, fender stays, and more, as well as fixing the brakes, the starter, the horn and generally cleaning up the machine. I guess all that extra work is what you get when you build an XS650 chopper in about ten days.

Others who were instrumental in making this built happen include Robert Elswick and his hard-working brother Jamie from Elswick Cycles. Robert gave us the weld-on hardtail and fabricated a one-off oil tank with flat sides that we've attached a little vacuum pump to because it's the third gas tank. The welds on this thing are immaculate and because of his skills, our machine has approximately four gallons of fuel capacity. I'll need that when the end of the world comes. Thanks, guys!

Mike at Biltwell sent us his kickass exhaust kit, and you can see what was done to it. The sound is maniacal. Thanks for the kit, Mike! It was solid and had more than we needed to accomplish our task. Everybody at the bash loved your swag, too.

In these photos you can see the killer brass risers. Those were donated by another seemingly insane mofo, Gabe from After Hours Choppers.

Then there is that freaky fender. Dan from 7 Metal West had to make two fenders for us because the radius was so big. You can see how they were connected with clean and curvy supports for these incredibly thick and strong brass fenders that Dan graciously gave us. Thank you, Dan! You sent these to us with swift speed and their quality is unparalleled.

Rock sent us very slick pegs for driver and passenger, but they arrived 48 hours before the Bash, so there was no time for them to get properly mounted, and they don't appear in these pix. Rock is busy because his stuff is really inexpensive and very well built.

He also created a sweet license plate bracket with an old glass lens Ford stop light that was cracked in transit from the builder in Maryland, and then shattered when we started the bike and the XS650 vibrations disintegrated the poor thing. Matt at Working Man said he is going to re-mount the bracket with a rubber spacer to help with the vibration problem and I'll be looking for some place where I can score a plastic red and yellow STOP lens to further keep the setup from breaking again. Glasss= bad. In the next few weeks I'll get a handle on these details and post some pix and more info about the products Rock gave us for the FREEDOMOR DEATH MACHINE. Thanks for all your hard work, Rock. I'll take care of the broken light and Matt is fabbing mounts for your drilled aluminum pegs. Look for images and info about these killer parts by Rock's Chops soon.

It's hard to see, but Fabricator Kevin sent us his tough invisible seat hinge. It's only the best hinge in the world and nothing less should be supporting the Matt's seat. Thank you, Kevin.

The secretive East Coast artist Francois made the gas cap tops out of copper and brass, as well as the brass flourish on the left side of the Elswick tank. He has no website, is incredibly exclusive, and revels in being a perverted old man who gets away with it because he has a French accent. I love it! Je vous remercie, sale vieux!

Now, at the end of this build, the builder was incredibly pressed for time. He was sleeping an hour or two every night for a week and as you can imagine, unexpected shit kept coming at him. Besides saving us the cost of lacing and balancing the wheels and by donating the Honda CB360 front drum, his friends Matthew and John saved the project at the last minute. The builder was putting the front end together and realized the axle wouldn't work. Matthew took off with the old axle and visited John, who cracked open his lathe and fabricated a new axle with two hours to go before the bike had to be on the road to Texas.

That's what happens when you sit on the donor bike for three months before you begin the project and try to finish it in ten days work over the course of 30. Craziness!

Dudes, we barely made it, but we couldn't have without your help. Thank you all.

Then there's AJ at Lick's, who donated the distressed brown leather solo bag. Between the one-of-a-kind sprung passenger/luggage rack and this bag, I will never have to wear a backpack again. Thanks, AJ. The bag is solid and I'm gonna abuse the hell out of it!

Lastly, I want to thank Amy and Hollie from Independence Brewing Co. I gave away 15 pints of your beer and bought 20 more. I'm sorry that so many bikers who only drink Bud Light couldn't handle the flavor of your stuff. Fags. My friends and theirs loved your brew. I'm sick of queer, flavorless lagers and I'm going to do all I can to let others know how great your beers are. Thanks for your sponsorship in our little event.

The party was great. Our sponsors kicked ass. Austin's garage-built chopper and bobber movement is filled with brilliant folks and I want to thank everyone for coming.

There is more coming. More bikes, more babes, and more stuff you never knew existed until you saw it here onbikerMetric.


Tuesday, June 1t, 2010

Here are a couple more photos of the FREEDOM ORDEATH MACHINE.

In the bottom photo, you can get a decent look at Jeff's unique passenger/luggage rack. Matt of Working Man's Customs is working on a clip-on bitch pad for the rack. The rack itself is removed or attached, along with the spring, in five seconds with two clevis pins. When Matt finishes his touch-ups on the machine, we'll take some close-ups so you can see how simple and functional this clever thing is.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I wanted to wait to post all of these photos until el Diablo came out with their 12th issue where the ForD is featured. Now that it's happened, I'd like to share some photos taken with Chris at Limeybikes last month.

See the tank Chris is pointing at?  It's another fuel tank that operates with a bunch of tubing and a vacuum pump stolen off a snowmobile. The tank was build by my great friends at Elswick Cycles, who also donated the hardtail ass as well. I can't express the depth of my gratitude to Robert Elswick, Chris and Matt at Working Man's Customs for all the hard work they put into making the machine straight and legal once it arrived in Texas.


anonymous said...
honestly m8 does not appeal to me really, looks unfinished. love the rake, seat, and other items, it is very original but just a bit to rough lookin would really like to see it tidied up and finished off a bit more, nice to see a donk other than a HD in there tho, just my 2cents worth, kudos to you its yr baby.
trent reker said...
thanks, anon. i know the ForD machine is strange to some folks because this style has never really been done, much less to such an extreme level. the rust on some parts like the kick arm remind you that this bike has history and is not something that needs to be polished every time she's ridden. i'm probably going to paint the lower forks, but that's all. what she needs right now is to get rock's pegs on it and some minor adjustments which matt and i are making today. when my arm is healed, we're taking the machine out and videotaping a few of us tearing around town. stay tuned for that.
anonymous said...
Sic bike Man!!! RK
anonymous said...
Like the bike or not.. You guys built it and at the end of the day you can kick back with a good beer and friends, looking at what you did.. hmm "Ain't she Kool"... Nice job and keep doing it. RSL
trent reker said...
thanks for the compliments, guys. right now i'm still unable to ride it due to the "shark attack" so we've got her at working man's customs where we're adding some final touches. look for fresh pix in the next couple of weeks and that riding video shortly afterward.
scott ruecker said...
Wow Bro, your ForD Machine looks incredible!! Major kudos to all involved, the tank and exhaust pipe are the shit! It looks as if it could glow like a Fellaheen soul..;)
trent reker said...
thanks, brother. it is a fellaheen motorbike, isn't it?
william said...
i'd rock the shit out of ForD. if i get tired of my trump i can switch it up and so can trent, not that it need it. VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEry cool. gotta keep the comments positive , trent is giving back, showing off his bros skills...and givin me and others ideas. it;s like punk rock, here's three chords..what'cha god. all about the new.
dave roberts said...
Damn Trent, You aren't the quiet kid I remember from school. The F or D bike SCREAMS "HERE I AM...FUCKERS"
trent reker said...
thanks, guys. she's still a work in progress. going to bring the rake in to the 7" i was told it would have, add a metal head fab leaf spring front end, and change the bars to a nifty drag bar design i've got with end controls. probably mount the mirrors on the cowl, which i may curve up a bit with a planishing hammer and probably line with a little black rubber 'cause those corners are sharp! hope to have her around this fall. planning on biketoberfest with a few friends...
anonymous said...
That thing is badass! Love it. Really dig the fairing, tank, frame, rack, etc. The whole package is insanely cool!
trent reker said...
the bike won't have metal head spring forks. nick had offered a pair to me at cost a few months ago because he needed the exposure. i didn't have even the $300 he was asking for but still advertised for him for months and brought him clients. yesterday i had the money. he backed out with some lame excuse about why he wouldn't live up to his word. now i am on the prowl to find a set of leafers for the bike and a company to promote that my readers can trust....
anonymous said...
That front brake torque arm is DANGEROUS-should be in tension not compression when the brake is on. That little drilled strap will just buckle up sometime......
chemical customs said...
I love this bike Trent. I see you are hanging with Bozi, I see alittle influence there maybe from Saint?. Great custom, thats what its all about!!!! Ken.
trent reker said...
i don't hang with jeff any more, cc. everything on the bike was crooked, from the handlebars to the passenger/luggage rack. the tanks were not lined and rusty inside. the paint started to bubble within a month. the brakes were inoperable after the 2nd ride. i asked for 7" of trail and got 12. the footpeg mounts are inches off center. the fender and brace/sissy was crooked. the risers are 1" and the bars were 7/8" with spacers so they would fit. the horn button was behind the exhaust. that's about half of it. i layed into jeff within a month of getting a bike he said he could build for 7k total (he received thousands in parts + 4k in cash). we have not spoken since and i wouldn't trust anything that comes from his garage. many of these things and more were repaired by matt (working man) and chris (limeybikes) but there is still much to do. we (eric at karnage and i) have the bike half apart and will see if the frame is straight once it's on the jig (i did not know it was built without one until it was done). then we are repairing what has yet to be made right, such as proper bars, footpeg mounts, tanks (cleaned & lined inside + new paint), and bringing in the rake & trail to a manageable number. a picture is one thing. making a truly rideable and reliable machine is another.